Welcome to the World of AmRay

Three Decades of Protection

AmRay has been providing radiation protection solutions for over three decades.

Amray has established itself as a forward-thinking and proactive partner to those whose day-to-day lives involve the harnessing of radiation, whether as caring professionals or as patients.

We were founded by one such healthcare professional, so our focus has always been on delivering the optimum levels of personal protection to those who work in healthcare professions.

Setting the standard for verification and transparency.

From day one, we have forged a reputation for exceeding the regulatory standards in our industry and, continue to do so today through our insistence on third party verification and the inclusion of our testing laboratory on all our product certifications. We are also driven by a commitment to providing customised solutions for those who require 

something more than an ‘out of the box’ approach. We do so by working closely with Radiation Protection Advisors (RPA), Radiation Safety Officers (RSO), Radiographers and other stakeholders across all our geographical regions, ensuring that we are addressing the real needs of today’s market.

The AmRay Mission

AmRay Group is a global leader in providing radiation protection for the medical, healthcare and industrial sectors in global markets.

Our mission is to offer best-in-class protection solutions to diagnostic imaging professionals and the patients they care for. We do so by providing a wide range of personal radiation protection, produced in accordance with the highest standards of quality specification and independently audited and verified. This is backed up by a level of personalised service that has raised the standard in our industry and continues to set us apart from our competitors.

Meet The Team

William Johnston

Managing Director

As Managing Director of AmRay, I lead a dedicated team of sales and technical professionals as we strive to raise the bar in terms of protecting the health and well-being of our global customers.

Helen Johnston


A radiographer by profession, my vision has always been to listen to the customer and provide radiation protection garments that are designed with the end user requirements in mind. As CEO, I take a hands-on role in ensuring the quality we’re famed for is consistently built on and the original vision is continuously put into practice.

Our Values

The Wearer Comes First – Our founder, Helen Johnston, was a radiographer who worked in Irish and U.K. hospitals for over a decade. Her decision to start a business manufacturing radiation protection equipment came from a strong belief that medical professionals and patients deserved a better level of care. From day one, we have constantly asked ourselves if new products or services that we bring to the market will make life better or safer for the wearer.

Transparency Trumps Everything – This isn’t so much a value as an obsession with AmRay! Our industry sometimes lets itself down in terms of the claims it makes for its products. To counter this, we never ask our customers to take our word for something but, insist on independent third-party verification from the most trusted names in the certification sector. We willingly share details of our certification with new or potential customers, and, insist on absolute clarity in terms of the level of protection that our products offer.

We’re Responsible and Sustainable – We fully understand how much our planet needs our help right now and, are fully committed to the most responsible and sustainable methods of material selection, manufacturing, storage, and distribution. Proof of this is the fact the we make our tracking software (A-Track) available to our clients completely free of charge, and have developed it to cover not just our own products, but all products available on the market. This responsible approach make sure that all of their personal radiation protection equipment is monitored and managed in the most professional manner, from purchase right through to end-of-life.

Customise your Garment.

It’s of the utmost importance that your radiation protective apparel fits properly.  We pride ourselves on  our ability to customise offerings to our customers specific needs. Our customisation feature allows you to input details of your requirements across our product range and to generate an automated quotation that you can use to simply process your order.