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AmRay Provide solutions to the highest level of radiation shielding protection to ensure patient, occupational and public safety by compliance to the following international standards,

Radiation Protection

Various forms of radiation are used in medical diagnostics and treatment, all forms are potentially dangerous and exposure must be carefully controlled to ensure the benefit to patients outweighs the risks from exposure.

Minimising this risk is achieved through controlling,

Radiation shielding effectively limits unnecessary radiation exposure to patients, medical staff and the public at risk of adverse effects while in the vicinity of a radiation source.

Many materials can act as a barrier to shield the harmful effects of ionising radiation. Due to the chemical properties of lead, it is particularly effective at containing harmful ionising radiation energy, until it is at a safe radioactive level, and is a cost effective option in most scenarios.

Varying levels of protection can be achieved by varying the thickness of lead shielding. Lead thickness is usually expressed in mm Pb.

The specification of effective lead shielding is determined by the level of protection required is dictated by the equipment, room orientation, amount of use and activities planned for the installation.

A bespoke design, approved by an appointed Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA) is required for lead lined radiation shielding solutions.

Steps to Develop a Solution



Define level of protection
Medical Physicist, registered as an RPA, appointed to a project determines the appropriate level of radiation shielding required and carries out a desktop design.




Install Bespoke Solution
AmRay engineer, fabricate and install a bespoke shielding solution in compliance to the RPA’s design.




Verify Shielding Solution
RPA coordinates testing of the shielding system in accordance to local authorities.

Customise your Garment.

It’s of the utmost importance that your radiation protective apparel fits properly.  We pride ourselves on  our ability to customise offerings to our customers specific needs. Our customisation feature allows you to input details of your requirements across our product range and to generate an automated quotation that you can use to simply process your order.