lead apron effectiveness

If you work in the radiology field, you are exposed to a fair bit of radiation. As such, it is one of the riskiest jobs on the planet. How are you supposed to protect yourself in the workplace?

Lead aprons are here to keep you safe from all the dangerous waves you are exposed to on a daily basis. You have every right to doubt lead apron effectiveness. 

That’s why we will explain to you why lead aprons can reduce the risks of exposure to radioactive waves. Amray Group is dedicated to ensuring your safety. 

But before we talk about how lead aprons protect you and why our aprons are your best option, why do you need to stay protected in the first place?

Why Do You Need A Lead Apron?

The risks of exposure to radioactive radiation are endless. Comic books may have us believe that we might turn into the Hulk or develop some awesome superpowers from this exposure but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Radioactive rays are not something your body is equipped to deal with. Certainly not on a daily basis. Exposure to large amounts of this radiation can result in some dangerous effects.

You may instantly pass out if the dosage is high enough. Alternatively, you may throw up or lose chunks of your hair. In the worst-case scenario, you may have some internal bleeding.

But there is no need to check your comb, the amount of radiation you face during a routine x-ray isn’t nearly high enough to do those things but that doesn’t mean you have the luxury of not being careful.

You oversee so many x-rays over the course of your career. Although the exposure is small; it is really frequent. This means, in the long run, you experience a huge amount of radiation.

This leads to cancer or cardiovascular diseases. Needless to say, you need to take measures to reduce this exposure. Luckily, lead aprons are part of a reliable solution.

What Makes Lead Aprons So Effective?

Lead aprons are simply the best way to keep your torso safe from all the dangerous radiation that you face on a daily basis. What makes lead the right material to keep you safe?

For starters, it is thick. Lead is one of the densest materials on the planet. This means that those pesky waves have a tough time penetrating through them to your body.

Secondly, it is cheaper than the alternatives out there. Other materials of high density such as gold and osmium are far more expensive.

Lastly, since it isn’t as dense as the more costly materials, it isn’t as heavy. Lead strikes the perfect balance between weight and protection. 

Where Can You Get The Best Aprons?

So now you know how high lead apron effectiveness is. Where can you get lead aprons that you can trust? We, here at Amray Group, have got you covered. Our aprons are made of the finest materials and with the best craftsmanship. Give us a call to get your own apron today.