lead apron with collar

You need proper protection if you conduct X-rays every day. This means that if you work in radiology, you need the right gear and a lead apron with collar is a crucial part of that gear.

But we hate those all-in-one packages. They don’t look good at all and we regret that so many fashion-conscious radiologists have to wear that atrocious apparel. That is why we sell our aprons and collar separately.

Amray Group knows the need to be safe and so we put in a lot of research into both those components of your gear. You must be wondering why you need so much gear in the first place. It’s not like it’s a super risky job, right?

Why Do You Need So Much Gear?

Radiology is one of the most dangerous career paths out there. It certainly doesn’t seem like it; we mean you aren’t doing any heavy lifting or facing risks of injuries. What makes it so scary then?

You see, a radiologist has to oversee multiple X-ray scans every single day. While a single scan does no damage to you, a large number of these procedures can have a detrimental effect on your health.

Unfortunately, radiologists who don’t take the appropriate measures are at a much high risk of developing cancer later in life. What are these measures?

The most effective way to reduce your risks is to cover every part of your body with high-quality gear. Lead is a great material that is thick enough to keep the dangerous rays out. 

Other than using the right gear, you also need to follow some protocols. Firstly, you need to put some distance between yourself and the x-ray machine. This may concern your patients but you need to reassure them that it is safe for them.

Additionally, you need to understand this isn’t like other jobs when it comes to overtime. You can’t work all day. You need to keep your working hours limited so that the number of scans you conduct over the years is minimized.

If you follow these protocols and wear gear protecting each and every portion of your body, the risks of your jobs can be reduced greatly.

Our Aprons Look Great

You deserve to be safe and stylish. Our aprons are made with that in mind. We know that everyone’s taste is different and so we can’t just make one apron and call it a day.

We offer a large multitude of styles such as the classic design, the timeless coat design, and the modern back saver. We have something for everyone. 

Our Collars Are No Different

The reason we sell our collars separately is that we don’t want you to compromise your style for your safety. The aprons will the built-in collars look silly. It is much better to buy them separately.

We have a large number of options here too with collar collars A, B, and C. It is completely up to you and your fashion sense.

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Amray Group is not just concerned about style and protection. We make sure that your lead apron with collar package feels great too. With the finest materials and custom fitting, you can’t go wrong with our gear.