lead apron

A lead apron is a must-have for any radiologist. You undergo so much radiation on a daily basis so it is very important to minimize the risks of this exposure. But are the aprons a reliable solution?

Lead is a great material to keep you safe. We will be going over what makes it so suitable for this purpose and why need it. Along with that, we’ll also be telling you about all the awesome and stylish options Amray Group has to offer.

Lastly, we’ll go over why you should trust us with all your x-ray protection gear. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Why Are Lead Aprons Important?

Radiology may not seem like the most dangerous job in the world. You aren’t climbing mountains, taming lions, or operating heavy machinery. All you are doing is overseeing a couple of X-ray. That can’t be so dangerous right?

Unfortunately, it isn’t as safe as it may seem, Exposure to radioactivity is no laughing matter and you are exposed to a lot of it. You conduct hundred, maybe thousands, of X-rays in your life.

The radiation you are exposed to in one scan isn’t detrimental. In fact, it barely has any effect. But as we said, you do a lot of these. This long-term exposure may cause cardiovascular diseases or even cancer.

Don’t panic; there is a way to keep yourself protected from these terrible risks. Aside from the general practice such as keeping your distance from the machinery and having reasonable work hours, your gear can reduce the risks as well.

A lead apron is an integral part of this gear. What makes it fit to keep you safe? It’s all thanks to the density of lead. Lead is really thick; that makes it super hard to penetrate.

The apron will protect your torso as it is layered with this awesome material. But not all aprons are made equal.

What Do We Have To Offer?

Amray Medical UK makes sure that you get the gear that you deserve and that is why we put in a lot of effort in our research and development. This means that we have a model for everyone out there.

Our aprons come in the classic traditional form. But if it isn’t your style, you can also go with a coat-style apron. Still not your cup of tea? You can also go with our double-sided model.

We have many more options to boot. Every apron will be fitted to your body. But what makes these aprons so great?

What Makes Our Lead Aprons So Good?

Amray Medical UK knows how to make one good lead apron. With 30 years of experience under our belt, our teams know how to make aprons that don’t just look good but also work like a charm.

We only use the finest materials for our apron to maximize airflow and get the best weight distribution. This ensures your comfort. So, call us now if you want an apron that fits and feels right.