lead cleaner

If you are a doctor, hygiene is pretty important. The hospital has a lot of germs, despite the frequent cleaning. It’s just the nature of the place. As someone who visits the place often, you need to watch out.

Believe it or not, lead equipment can stop functioning the way it is meant if you don’t maintain it properly. That is why a lead cleaner is pretty much essential for you.

Where can you find this amazing product? As always, AmRay Group has got your back with the finest quality products. But first, why do you even need such heavy-duty protection? 

Why Do You Need Lead?

As a radiologist, you have one of the riskiest jobs in the world. Running a scan may seem mundane and doesn’t exactly bring the word dangerous to mind but in reality, you need to take a lot of protective measures.

That’s because these scans expose you to radiation. Although it may be small in amount, you do hundreds of scans in a week. It tends to build up. This exposure can lead to cardiovascular diseases or cancer.

What is the way to protect yourself? Use lead protective gear. We have a great selection of such products that you can help yourself too. What makes the right material to ensure your safety?

For starters, it is dense. It is one of the thickest materials on the planet. A block of lead can stop any amount of radiation you throw at it; the amount you are faced with is minuscule so you won’t need a lot of it.

As such, the gear is really light. Unlike its denser counterparts, lead is at the perfect density where it is both effective and not too heavy. So, you can wear the gear comfortably.

Lastly, lead is cheap. There is an endless supply of lead on our planet and so making materials from it needs very little investment. This is good as the final product costs less.

Why Do You Need Lead Cleaner?

Much like any other material, lead gets weaker if it isn’t properly maintained. How do you do that? By cleaning it regularly. As we said, the hospital tends to house a host of germs and you need to get rid of them.

Lead cleaner helps you do just that and restores the anti-radiation properties of your gear. A lot of you may be worried that it may damage the lead; rest assured that your gear is safe and secure.

Lastly and most importantly (at least in terms of hygiene), your gear is going to smell good too. Cleaning it removes any odor it may collect over stressful work hours; this is always a huge plus in our books.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you want to get the highest caliber of lead cleaner, Amray Group has got just what you are looking for. If you want the best protective gear in the market and the best cleaners for it, call us today.