lead protective glasses

The benefits of lead are endless. We could spend all day talking about how great this material is. It is one of the best defences against radiation you can find today. Naturally, lead protective glasses are the best bet for your eyes.

Eye cancer isn’t an awfully common disease but it is one that may develop if you neglect to protect your baby blues. Especially for those of you who work in the radiology department.

AmRay Group is proud to say that we have been providing the products you need to do your jobs safely for the past three decades. But what makes your job so dangerous and how does lead help?

Keep Your Eyes Safe

As a radiologist, we’re sure you receive adequate training to keep yourself safe. This means that you keep the appropriate distance when conducting scans and try to keep your daily workload to a minimum.

But just doing the basic measures simply won’t cut it. You need to get gear to ensure that you are safe. A lot of people get gear but forget about their eyes. Your glasses should be a mainstay of this gear.

The main reason why people overlook glasses or face protection gear is that eye cancer and other cancers relating to that region are quite infrequent. They forgot to consider the fact that radiology isn’t exactly one of the top 10 most common jobs in the world.

With the amount of radiation, you are exposed to on a daily basis; it is irrational to not protect every part of your body. You run the risk of developing cancer in any part of your body much more than the average person.

Fortunately, lead is here to save you. The density of lead keeps out any of the rays that try to find their way to your body. While there are other denser materials out there, lead is the only one up to the task.

Because of its relatively low melting point and malleability, lead is really easy to shape. This is great news for us because we can use it in any way we like to make the best products.

This material is heaven sent and boy, did heaven deliver. Due to its abundance, lead is not just useful but cheap as well. This lowers the cost of production for lead-infused gear and hence, reduces their price. 

Don’t Compromise On Style

Just because it’s protective gear doesn’t mean it can’t look like a million dollars, our eyewear is made for those who care about the way they look. Our Max+ and Curves models are the most stylish pair of glasses you’ll ever set upon your eyes and set your eyes upon. 

Comfort Is Also Important

We’re not all about style and no substance. We offer an option for those of you who value comfort most with the 53-wrap and Flex-63. Bear in mind, they still look great but are more comfort-focused to give you the best feel.

Don’t Forget The Rest Of Your Body

We offer radioactive protection gear other than lead protective glasses so if you want to start protecting yourself today, give us a call.