medical safety glasses

Believe it or not, eye cancer is a thing. While it may not be very common, it is still very real and you should be taking proper measures to make sure your eyes are safe.

If you work in radiology, these measures include getting yourself a sturdy pair of medical safety glasses. These glasses protect your eyes from the dangerous x-rays that are being emitted in your direction.

Where can you find a reliable pair? That is what AmRay Group is here for. Our eyewear options are made with you in mind. But what even makes such eyewear so safe?

Which Medical Safety Glasses Are The Best?

While there are several glasses made to keep doctors safe, the glasses that perform best for radiologists are those that have lead in them. 

Since you have to do X-rays all day, you are exposed to a dangerous amount of radiation and other materials simply aren’t up to the task for your protection. Lead is the perfect material for this job.

While it is not the densest material in the world, it sure is close. This density makes it really hard to penetrate and basically gives you foolproof protection from x-rays and other radioactive rays that you may need to use in the workplace.

A lot of you might be wondering why we don’t go with the densest material on the planet? The denser the better right? While that makes sense purely from the perspective of protection, it isn’t very practical.

First of all, they are heavy. This will make glasses that include these materials too cumbersome to wear all day. Secondly, lead is malleable, meaning that it can be shaped however you want.

Lastly, lead is a total cost saver. Despite its high density, it is one of the cheapest materials in the world purely due to its abundance. For those of you who love the environment, this means that you don’t have to worry about using up precious resources.

As such, glasses that have lead in them are your best option. They tick all the boxes. But simply using any lead isn’t enough.

Only The Best For Your Eyes

AmRay makes it a point to source the best materials for your glasses. Just like a cake wouldn’t taste very good without good ingredients, your glasses can’t function without the best materials.

That is why we use distortion-free SF-6 Schott glass radiation-reducing lenses, this is equivalent to 0.75mm of lead. Needless to say, that is sufficient protection for your eyes.

The other components of your glasses are also top quality. This makes them really comfortable. When designing these glasses, we made sure we catered to everyone. With an abundance of options, we doubt that you’ll find one that fits you.

The build quality is another factor that we prioritized, these glasses are built like tanks and they certainly don’t weigh nearly as much. To top it off, you won’t find more stylish options anywhere else. 

Give your eyes the protection that they deserve with our amazing medical safety glasses. Call us to get them or any other protective gear you require today.