Radiotherapy involves the use of ionising radiation, generally as part of cancer treatment to control or kill malignant cells. Techniques include Linac Accelerator, Brachytherapy and Cyber Knife.

Radiation shielding typically requires a lead thickness of 50 – 150mm for radiotherapy applications.

Mass amounts of concrete, 2 meter thick bunkers, are often used as shielding in radiotherapy applications.

AmRay provides lead shielding solutions for radiotherapy applications where mass concrete is not practical, such as confined bunkers, entry doors and QC procedure equipment.

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It’s of the utmost importance that your radiation protective apparel fits properly.  We pride ourselves on  our ability to customise offerings to our customers specific needs. Our customisation feature allows you to input details of your requirements across our product range and to generate an automated quotation that you can use to simply process your order.