Radiation protective eyewear

Eye cancer may not be the most common ailment on the planet but it sure ain’t a pretty one. Anyone who’s ever seen a chemotherapy patient knows just how scary cancer can be.

As such radioactive waves are something you need to avoid at all costs. That’s what makes protective gear such as radiation protective eyewear so important. But you probably already know that.

Radiology may be a high-paying career but it isn’t an easy one and we don’t just mean in terms of difficulty. You face a lot more radiation than any other job in this career.

Amray Group is here to give you the protection that you need. Our gear is tailor-made to keep those pesky waves away from your eyes. But what makes radiology so dangerous?

Why You Need To Protect Your Eyes

In case, you missed out on the classes where they spoke about the dangers of radiation; here is a quick rundown. X-rays and CT scans use radioactive waves, those waves are able to penetrate anything, one those waves interact with your cells they destroy them slowly; this process is called cancer.

Boring science aside, this makes radiology quite risky. You conduct multiple x rays every day; this means that you are exposed to radiation every weekday. The weekends are the only day when you don’t have to face a life risk.

You can work short hours and keep miles of distance between yourself and the machine but you still shouldn’t skip out on protection. X-Rays can travel 300,000 km in the air; good luck getting that much office space.

Many people don’t worry about this exposure too much. It’s so little, what harm could it possibly do?

Even though the doses are small, the effects tend to build up over time. Cancer is a very real possibility if you don’t take protective measures and eyewear is part of that.

What Do We Have To Offer

Our glasses are made to keep your lookers safe and protected. We have something for everyone. Whether your priority is style, comfort, or protection, we can satisfy your needs.

Our Max+ and curves are made for fashionable individuals. They look really good. They work well too. The TR-90 nylon frames add durability to the equation so you can use them for a very long time comfortably.

Speaking of comfort, 53 wraps and flex 63 are optimized for long-term usage. You can wear it for hours without realizing that you are wearing anything. 

In terms of protection, both of them feature really strong lenses that are super hard to penetrate. Additionally, you could throw in a face shield to up the safety.

Head, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes

You need to protect the rest of your body too. Radiation protective eyewear isn’t enough to keep you safe. Call us today to get the protection that you deserve. We have all kinds of equipment to keep you safe from harmful radiology and its aftermath.