radioactive protective gears

The radiology office may not be the most eventful place on the planet but you undergo much more risk than the average person. We bet you are already aware of how detrimental radioactive exposure is for your body.

If you’ve forgotten, allow us to give you a refresher. High amounts of it can cause you to lose your hair, bleed internally or faint at the spot. Fortunately, you aren’t ever exposed to that much radiation.

Nonetheless, you need radiation protective gears. That’s because the trace amounts of radiation you are exposed to on a daily basis have some scary long-term effects such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Where can you find this gear? Amray Group has got you covered, literally. We’ve got something for every part of your body. Don’t believe us?

Get A Headstart

With our products, you’re headed in the right direction. They are head and shoulders above any other products. When we say don’t let it get to your head, we only mean radioactive waves.

Either way, we offer a wide range of gear just to cover up that beautiful noggin of yours. Our glasses keep you looking stylish and your eyes away from the action.

On top of that, you could wear a full face shield to keep those pesky waves away from your face. We even have thyroid collars to protect your neck from any vampire attacks. Oh, it works against radiation too.

Lastly, we offer lead caps to shield your head from the waves. A mesh hat won’t be much good here; your skull has a tough time keeping them away, so do you really think that weak material would do much better? The answer is a resounding no. 

Feel Free To Beat Your Chest

With our products, you can tell cancer to go take a hike. Your torso is going to be completely protected with our vests.

Radioactive vests are not a new invention. They have been around for ages and there is a good reason for that. The most common form of cancer is breast cancer. It can be assumed that your torso is at a greater risk than other parts of your body.

That is why we took a lot of time and research to make the impenetrable aprons. These vests will keep you safe and secure while you work.

Get The Upper Hand

Hand cancer is not awfully common. In fact, it is one of the rarest forms of cancer but that doesn’t mean you don’t take the necessary measures against it. Our lead gloves make sure your hands are shielded.

Stay On Your Feet 

Lastly, we’ve got shin and footwear too. Again, leg cancer isn’t something you see every day but better safe than sorry. 

It’s Made Especially For You

We know how annoying it is when scrubs don’t fit right. That is why our products are custom-fitted. Feel confident and comfortable when using our radiation protective gears. Call us now to get your own gear today.