radiation protective hangers

As a radiologist, you need a lot more protection than other medical professionals. While they only need to worry about germs, you also have to stay protected from radioactive waves. Why?

If you don’t want to get cancer, we highly suggest taking protective measures against this radiation. We offer a lot of gear to help you do that. But where do radiation protective hangers fit in all of this?

In order to maintain your awesome gear, you need to use some high-quality products. This means you need the finest lead cleaners and top-tier hangers. Amray Group has both of those to help you go to work looking dapper.

Why Do You Need Special Hangers?

Hangers are an important part of the equation but first, let’s talk a little bit more about why you need to take every precautionary action possible to stop those pesky waves from making contact with your cells. 

The gear is infused with lead. Lead is synonymous with radioactive protection even in comic books. For example, think of a comic book hero. Superman has two weaknesses; kryptonite and lead. That’s right, lead can take down the man of steel.

To put it into perspective, he can still roast you with his eyes but you can stop his x-ray vision. The keyword here is x-ray. Lead is one of the most effective materials against these rays.

This is because they have a really high density. In other words, they are too thick for the waves to penetrate. There are other denser materials out there such as gold and platinum but we think you know why they aren’t viable actions.

But, they aren’t malleable. Not what you were thinking? We know; the good news is lead is not nearly as expensive as those two minerals. Gold is literally a measure of wealth so not super tough competition in terms of price. 

This low price is because of lead’s abundance; you aren’t just being financially responsible by using this material, you’re not using up rare resources either. It’s a win-win in our books.

Besides, it isn’t even possible to shape other dense materials to make gear; they have a super high melting point and are much heavier. 

Just like lead is your only option when creating radiation protection gear, our hangers are a must-have. Normal hangers have two problems. Firstly, they may not be able to carry the weight of radioactive gear; it’s a little heavier than normal scrubs. they are a lot more durable than your generic hangers. 

Secondly, the normal hanger may damage the lead. You don’t want that. Just because you need to be protected doesn’t mean you don’t get to keep your clothes in pristine shape. 

Get Some Amazing Gear To Hang

What are you going to do with radiation protective hangers if you don’t have gear? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there with a wide range of products that protect every single part of your body.

Just like our hangers, they are made with the finest materials. This makes them durable, comfortable, and most importantly, stylish. Call us now to get your own gear.