radiation skirt

A radiation skirt is an incredibly important part of your radiation protective gear. We are always thinking about our head and torso and as such this part of our body goes unprotected.

You do not want to expose your waist to this radiation. Is waistline cancer common? No. But we still don’t want you to undergo that risk. We strongly believe in better safe than sorry. 

If you still don’t want to worry about a rare form of cancer, we’ll give you two very common ones: bladder and prostate. Without a skirt, these regions are completely exposed.

To help you cover up these spots, Amray has made the best gear in town. Don’t believe us? Here’s what makes our skirts stand out.

State-of-the-art Protection

You probably knew all the risks of your job before getting into it but it’s always good to have a reminder. Radiology is by no means a safe job. In fact, you face a much higher chance of developing cancer than any other job in the world.

This is because you are constantly conducting x-rays. For those of you who aren’t radiologists, please don’t be scared to get yourself scanned: a single x-ray isn’t going to do you much harm. You are exposed to a minuscule amount of radiation.

So why should radiologists be scared? Why do they take so much distance from the machine and suit up in gear? Well, it’s simply a matter of numbers. As we’ve said, they oversee countless procedures. This means that they are exposed to this amount much more often.

Unfortunately, you don’t come out of each session with a clean slate. The effects tend to pile up and if you aren’t careful enough, cancer is a very real possibility. But don’t fret.

Our skirts along with our other gear have got you covered. Pun intended. They are lined with lead; nature’s answer to radiation. This material is literally too thick for the x-rays to penetrate. You can use them knowing that your body is completely safe.

On top of that, our skirts also keep away the pesky germs that are always lurking in a hospital. The anti-bacterial surface ensures that you don’t risk getting an infection while handling the machine.

Made With Your Comfort In Mind

Lead isn’t the only material we used. A lead suit would be super janky. For starters, it would really heavy. To add to its woes, we don’t think it would be silky smooth or particularly soft.

Our skirts are both light and super comfortable. They have velcro attachments so you can get the perfect fit each time you wear them. Not that you have to worry too much about it since they are custom-made for every customer. 

Last but not least, the air circulation on this thing is something else. We made sure that you get maximum airflow when wearing your skirt so you feel your best.

The Radiation Skirts Are Unisex

It isn’t just about feeling your best, however. Our radiation skirt was made with the stylish individual in mind. No matter what gender you belong to, this skirt appeals to any crowd. Get yours today.