x-ray protection apron

Radiology isn’t necessarily your first thought when you think about dangerous careers, Nonetheless, it is certainly up there. The main reason for that is the sheer amount of radiation a radiologist is exposed to on a daily basis.

An average person would get an x-ray on rare occasions; such as an injury. In fact, there are a lot of people who’ve never actually needed one. That is why we don’t think of giving everyone an x-ray protection apron.

Even if you have gotten a few x-ray scans, you have nothing to be worried about. Each scan only exposes you to a small amount of radiation. You should be concerned if you have had dozens of scans in a span of a few days.

If you know anything about radiology, you know that is literally the job description. As such, you need to take every possible measure to keep yourself safe.

There are a few rules such as limited working hours and mandatory distance from machinery but those alone won’t keep you safe. You need some reliable equipment and that’s where we come in.

Amray has been in the industry for 30 years and over this time, we know exactly what sort of gear radiologists need and want. What makes our products right for you?

You Get The Protection You Deserve

The first job that your apron needs to serve is to keep you safe. The rest of the features are nice add-ons but they are exactly that: add-ons. So, what makes our aprons so safe?

One word: lead. Lead is used everywhere for protection against radiation and there are a few very good reasons for that. Three, to be exact.

Reasons Lead Is The Best Material For An X-Ray Protection Apron

Firstly, its density makes it really hard for Xrays to penetrate. In other words, it is so thick that the rays can not go through it. There are other materials that have such high density but they have two major flaws.

That brings us to the lead’s second and third advantages: the cost and malleability. Enough can not be said about what a bargain this material is, because of the fact that lead can be found virtually everywhere, it doesn’t cost much.

Other materials of similar density are really rare to come by. For example, osmium, the densest material, is the rarest element on our planet. This hikes up their prices. 

Even if the cost wasn’t an issue, no other materials of similar density can be shaped into any shape we want. This is because they have very rigid structures and extraordinarily high melting points.

Lead is a rare exception where it can easily be reshaped. This allows us to line our gear with it. If we were to use other materials, you have to carry around lumps of gold and platinum, that wouldn’t be very comfortable. 

Comfort Is Non-Negotiable

Speaking of comfort, we make sure every x-ray protection apron that we produce can be worn for hours with little to no difficulty. To achieve that, we pay special attention to weight distribution and use only the finest materials to make them. 

Perhaps most importantly, however, they are custom-fitted. Call us now to get your apron specially made.