It’s all about the fit – which is why we offer a customised service to all our customers.

We had cause over the past few weeks to visit a radiation department for an X-Ray. When we first met the radiographer, she was wearing a normal hospital uniform, but as soon as she began to don her vest, we suddenly were engrossed in this everyday procedure. Why? Because it was quite obvious that the vest was a poor fit. Perhaps she was wearing equipment that was regarded as ‘communal’, but whatever the reason, we were concerned to see how poor a fit it was.

This might be no problem with normal clothing, where there might be a certain amount of ‘give’. A tight-fitting pair of jeans of a skirt might be slightly elasticated, for example, so the wearer enjoys a reasonable level of comfort.

But when it comes to personal protection equipment, no such stretching power is involved. If you wear a radiation vest, it either fits or it doesn’tIn the case of our radiographer friend, it was clear that the apron was at least one size too small. And while she was a rather tall lady, it was a garment tailored for someone much shorter in stature.

This comes with twin downsides. First of all, it was obvious from looking at her that she wasn’t very comfortable in her garment. But even more importantly, certain exposed parts of her body were simply not getting the radiation protection they needed. And the problem would have been just as palpable had she been wearing an apron that was designed for someone bigger – perhaps a male colleague with a completely different body shape?

This is exactly why AmRay offer a full customisation service for our customers, letting them get a fit that’s perfect for them. This doesn’t involve having to come along to a fitting department or anything like that – we simply tell our customers how to measure themselves and they send us in their measurements for  delivery of fully customised garments.

To get the fit exactly right, we ask our customers to take two types of measurement. Vertically, they need to measure from the shoulder to just below the knee; from the shoulder to the hip; and from the hip to the knee. And on the horizontal plane, they need to measure the widest part of the chest and the slimmest part of the waist.

By aggregating these two sets of measurements, we’re in a position to deliver an end produce that offers the ideal combination of radiation protection and wearability – something that all personal protection equipment should conform to.

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Customise your Garment.

It’s of the utmost importance that your radiation protective apparel fits properly.  We pride ourselves on  our ability to customise offerings to our customers specific needs. Our customisation feature allows you to input details of your requirements across our product range and to generate an automated quotation that you can use to simply process your order.