Managing your inventory has never been easier – thanks to A-Track.

AmRay was not the first company to make inventory management software available. However, we believed strongly that the model of delivery simply wasn’t fit for purpose. In many cases, supposedly free software demanded payment for its more advanced features, while others required software to be downloaded onto hospital servers, which was something of a technical nightmare.

Anxious to develop an alternative that was genuinely user-centric, we looked to cloud computing for a solution, and developed a solution inhouse that simply required a username and password to log on.

We also moved away from the old-fashioned barcode methodology when it came to scanning, opting for QR codes instead. And with a comprehensive database of all QR codes, our software meant that A-Track was not only capable of monitoring our own products –but literally anything sold on the market.

The upshot of all this was that our software is set to become the gold standard when it comes to managing your inventory of lead aprons or other personal protection equipment. It allows you to manage, track and document the inspection of your full portfolio of radiation protection garments.

It starts, of course, by inputting all items of personal protection equipment onto the A-Track system – and by subsequently adding any new purchase as and when they’re made.

Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to manage your equipment in a simple, time-saving and comprehensive manner. From the first time you log-in to the A-Track system, it’s totally obvious what garments require inspection – and when this inspection needs to be carried out.

Once an item is added by you to the system, an intelligent tracking system then kicks in to reduce the amount of information you are required to enter in subsequent visits to the software. It does so by pre-populating user input, saving you time and effort – and even your sanity!

The software comes complete with an integrated IOS and Android application, which makes retrieval of any garment’s full history as easy as ABC. We often say to prospective customers that it’s no more difficult than taking a photo on your phone, or, posting to social media.

Using QR code technology, you can quickly and simply retrieve history of garments fitted with an AmRay QR code. Once you’ve scanned the code, you can immediately see the garment’s full details, including its full history of previous inspections.

The bottom line is that controlling your inventory can potentially be a highly a time-consuming job, costing hours that could be spent more productively elsewhere. It’s an absolutely essential task, however, so it makes sense to do it the smart way rather than waste time in manual management.

For further information on this topic, contact:

William Johnston

Managing Director

Tel: +353 87 6320603

Customise your Garment.

It’s of the utmost importance that your radiation protective apparel fits properly.  We pride ourselves on  our ability to customise offerings to our customers specific needs. Our customisation feature allows you to input details of your requirements across our product range and to generate an automated quotation that you can use to simply process your order.